Time to get into the modern world! As you might have noticed from the home page, Arthur now has his own Facebook page, with lots of different photos: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arthur-Kinnaird-First-Lord-of-Football/191725817537929?sk=wall

And so do I: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002281075228&sk=wall#!/profile.php?id=100002281075228&sk=wall 

I always thought Facebook was going to be easier than this, though - they don't half make it complicated.
Bell's Life, November 1863
I have just spent two days glued to my computer, thanks to a wonderful new archive to play with. I've just got access, via the National Library of Scotland, to Bell's Life in London, one of the major sports papers of the Victorian era. It is addictive - and with good reason: for starters, I have added a further twenty matches to Arthur Kinnaird's records. 

I was also particularly pleased this evening to uncover the first name of T Lloyd, the referee in the England v Scotland match of 1873, something which has eluded historians for years. It is Theodore. He was part of the extensive Lloyd family from Croydon who played for Crystal Palace cricket and football clubs throughout the 1860s, previously identifiable by their initials until this cutting turned up.